After 49 years of supplying the public with our free range farm fresh geese, you could say we have perfected the delicate art of rearing the Christmas-worthy British goose.


This year our farm and the British Goose industry have undergone dramatic changes. We felt it was important to ensure that we made it our priority to fill a potential void and keep this British produce on your table - because 'traditional goose is gorgeous'.


Three bird roast:

An impressive demonstration of butchery, the three bird roast is shaped like a goose, but inside you will find layers of duck and pheasant breast in-between homemade chestnut and sage stuffing. An impressive show stopper, this bird is particularly good for feeding large numbers of guests.


Duck: (available all year round) 

This year at Norfolk Geese, we have diversified our produce. Driven by the willingness to supply top quality restaurants as well as to private customers, we are staying true to our ethos of local British produce and are now offering table-ready ducks - which are available all year round.

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Goose oven ready weight / serving size
Three Bird Roast oven-ready weight / serving size: goose, duck & pheasant, with a chestnut and sage stuffing
Duck oven ready weight / serving size (Price £6 per Kg)
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