The Norfolk Geese website update was about 7 years overdue (and Eddie has lost about 80% more hair compared to the last pictures...). The last 12 months have affected every aspect of all of our lives - and the British Goose industry is no exception.


We have had to adapt to COVID implications combined with the effect of Brexit and Avian flu - whilst also addressing new consumer demands within the industry itself. As a result, we have had to take a hard decision - and not one that was completely within our control - but 2021 will look a little different at Norfolk Geese as we will be focused on egg production and Christmas birds. We hope to be able to resume our supply of goslings next season ... so watch this space. With the third generation of the family stepping up to lend a hand, the future looks bright and we are focused on moving forward into 2021 together.


Driven by changes within the industry, the retirement of our long-term hatching partner this year sadly means that we have been unable to hatch our goslings locally or on the scale that we had required.

Having explored potential partnerships overseas, it has unfortunately not been possible to bring these partnerships to fruition in readiness for this season due to the combined impact of COVID restrictions and ongoing Brexit uncertainties.

New Focus 

For now, instead of producing the eggs to then hatch them we are currently focusing on the egg production itself, and this is already something we have been constantly improving for 49 years. We have two free to roam flocks. One balanced with the perfect ratio of goose to gander which contributes to a high fertility hatch rate. Then the second, a flock of geese purely female based are fed on a rich diet that filters into the eggs to make them ideal for cooking and baking.

Again, Christmas birds have always been a focal point for Norfolk Geese, and for the family Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the preparation of the geese, making the goose that we enjoy ourselves for Christmas lunch taste even better. 

Our ever developing passion for high quality local produce has also led us to rearing ducks on the farm - originally exclusively for restaurants. However, we have also decided to offer this produce to the public to showcase what a larger range of true Norfolk produce tastes like.